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Royal Enfield

Royal Enfield


Having owned many classic British bikes from the sixties I was looking for an unrestored bike myself to run around on and was struck by how prices had got a little silly for something basic to use in all weathers, I then through a friend of mine who had got involved with Royal Enfield came to the conclusion that a new bike, well-built in a modern factory and yet still had the ride and feel of a fifties or sixties classic represented fantastic value up against, in my view, overpriced early British classics.

Having then taken in part exchange a Royal Enfield and ridden it and spoken to some Enfield enthusiast's the answer came to me, Royal Enfield makes you smile because it is so basic, so innocent that it takes me back to my youth when all of my riding was a mix full of learning and simplicity. The handling is compliant & sweet enough to be hustled along enthusiastically - but it doesn't make you want to get your knee down. The engine responds directly to the rider and it takes throttle control and a learned skill to get the best from it - but it isn't too slow nor will it ever intimidate you. The bike has a wonderful sound that frankly anyone with ears will enjoy - it is simply impossible to be offended by these bikes. My view is these bikes represent outstanding value for those wishing to re visit a bygone riding experience.

Having become a firm Royal Enfield fan, by Mid 2015 we became official Royal Enfield dealers.

If you buy one, I guarantee you will become more closely connected to it than any other bike you may have had before. The charm will get you and then you will find yourself truly loving it!

Riding in a group simply ramps up the fun! The sound of a "gaggle" of Royal Enfield's is fantastic! What makes this so special is that under the helmets the riders could be anyone. Customers with an age range from 22 to 92 and often riding in the same groups. They mix together so well because of a shared interest. Each one having as much fun as it is humanly possible to have on two wheels. There is no other bike that reinforces the sensation of camaraderie like the Enfield!

There are so many different things you can do to these bikes for very little outlay. All the models can be made to look completely individual using a choice of extras from all over the world. Our own bikes are proudly on display in the showroom and we think they look and feel very different - using accessories readily available.

It doesn't matter if customers arrive in our showroom as hardened bikers or looking for their first bike. By the time they leave having bought one - they've returned to what bought many into motorcycling in the first place!

So if you're fairly local to us and you buy a Royal Enfield, you too will be made very welcome into the Royal Enfield family. Many riders find that having an average annual riding mileage of under a thousand miles on other bikes for many years, on an Enfield this goes up to around 3000 just because of the riding opportunities that the RE community can offer.

We have demo bikes available at most parts of the season & welcome part/exchange enquiries on all makes and models. Come and see us today and join the in the fun!

Since we started on our Royal Enfield journey we have made loads of new friends, ridden loads of great journeys & had a great deal of fun. We hope in 2018 to keep you all abreast of Matters Enfield on our forthcoming Facebook page. And as time and the miles on our own RE's go on we have grown to love these bikes even more, and this leaves us wanting more! So for us the future holds MORE OF EVERYTHING ROYAL ENFIELD!

  • MORE BIKES - RE has promised more great new models to enjoy - ALL with the genuine earthy feel that only an Enfield has!..Now in stock!.. 650 Twin Interceptor! And 650 Twin All New GT Continental.
  • MORE PERSONALISING - There are loads of tasty new trick bits planned that will make your pride and joy stand out in a crowd!
  • MORE VALUE - RE have indicated the new models will be "Fantastic value"
  • MORE FUN - With all of the above, we will looking at producing more smiles per miles than ever.

If you would like your motorcycling future to hold more of the above for you, then its time you considered a Royal Enfield.   Our customers pay less for their bikes, ride them more often, have more fun and enjoy better value than any other brand can offer. Come and view the Enfield range today!